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Taber Ranch was originally established in 1867 by the Taber family when they came west to settle in the Capay valley community. Over a century and a half later and still in the family, it has evolved and grown into the versatile and unique venue we are so proud to share with you today. Surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, olive & almond orchards and panoramic valley views, Taber Ranch Vineyard & Event Center is the perfect setting for monumental celebrations or just sipping a glass of wine and appreciating a sunset.

Our family, Taber, Stephens & Armstrong, has deep roots in the valley. Many generations enjoyed tractor rides for Mother’s Day at Merlin & Hiyi Taber’s home on Taber Corner and visiting the ranch when it had settled into a quiet, but beautiful place with a few acres of ancestor almond trees, some ailing buildings and lots of open rolling hills. In the late 90’s, Martin & Dawn Armstrong, our visionary owners, imagined new life and purpose for the old family ranch and so began its transformation into the beautiful and versatile venue our guests enjoy today. In the early days, ponds and reservoirs were dug, hilltops were leveled and the slopes terraced for grapes, olives and gardens were planted and the old barn became the home for first dances and toasting to the future.

The adventure has not come without its downfalls. In 2014, the giant oak behind our barn fell with six weddings remaining in our season. Due to the fact that we have an amazing team here at Taber Ranch and a tremendous support structure that extends into our community of construction and electrician experts, we were able to successfully complete the season under a canopy of lights and stars with a few rainbows here and there.

As the venue continued to grow, and the grapes became wine, future sights were set on our tasting room which brings our story up to date. We have been very fortunate to be a part of this thriving and growing community in Capay Valley. The journey from the first wedding party in our barn surrounded by gravel and fancy outhouses to the grand opening of our tasting room has been long and truly a labor of love.  The ranch has come such a long way thanks to the hard work of Martin & Dawn, along with their children and many dedicated employees and will continue to evolve so that our family may share its beauty for generations to come.




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